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Today most of us have at least one mobile smart device. Specifically smartphones have had a greater impact on the business world than anyone would have ever thought. Important calls are now made on the go, colleagues situated in different countries are able to have regular meetings, apps have made managing your #smallbusiness seamless, and everything from sending emails to sharing documents is faster, easier and much more efficient.23864933_m-300x200

We predict that the newest trend wearable technology, which begun its existence as a fun accessory, are rapidly starting to go viral. #Wearabletechnology, which was once to a degree forced to piggyback off smartphones, has used their formerly closed relationship to ingrain itself into the business world thereby making day-to-day operations even more effective. While some companies have started to look past a traditional watch design, others have instead embraced it with a fresh and professional look. The Moto 360 for example, which is now available in the UK, is primarily voice operated and can easily read messages and reminders on command. The result is a small, stylish accessory that completely replaces your smartphone. Predictions show that one in ten Brits will soon be buying into wearable technology.

The time may soon come when phones and tablets are a thing of the past, and the smart devices on which we all rely will sit innocuously on our persons, just like jewellery, creating an endless and tremendous stream of new business opportunities and possibilities to connect with customers, partners and employees.

In a nutshell, we strongly recommend that future marketing strategies incorporate this rapidly expanding trend and see wearable technologies for what they really are: a game-changing influence with the potential to utterly revolutionise the modern business world. Salesforce Wear provides a development platform that can be used for creating business apps for Android Wear, ARM, Fitbit, Pebble, Philips, and Samsung, as well as other devices. The platform empowers developers to kick-start the connection between companies and their customers creating powerful apps for wearable technologies.

To conclude if you want to boost your revenue catching customers on the go, as the possibility to easily pay and shop for products and services right from their wristwatch. Well all that is just around the corner. Sooner rather than later, an array of devices ranging from smartwatches to health gear and headphones. Almost everything will come with a working wifi or 3/4G connection and we will be fondly reminiscing of the days we only had desktops and mobiles/cells to worry about. Feeling overwhelmed, just take a Digital Detox Holiday 😉

Have a great week everyone!

By Sarah Block

sb1Sarah is our current intern. She is a highly motivated and enthusiastic individual, with a strong belief in the European Union and its vast economic, political and social benefits. Due to her profound interest in economic relations she will be defending her Master Thesis in Economics in July 2015 – with her focus being on the European Union as a global economic actor and key driver of global economic prosperity.

Sarah successfully graduated from the Open University London in 2013, obtaining her Bachelors Degree in International Relations. Thereafter she started her Masters degree at CIFE almost straightaway. The Centre international de formation européenne, is a postgraduate degree programme specialised in political, public and current affairs which are one of her strength areas and form a major genuine interest. Intense face-to-face weekend workshops have brought her to Berlin, Rome, Budapest, Istanbul, Nice and Brussels where she has met representatives of EU institutions, national decision makers in charge of European and International matters and experts from the public and private sectors gaining great insights into the working environment of these organisations.

Sarah is a native German. She is fluent in English and does have a very basic vocabulary in French. You can contact her at:

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The present and future of press releases. The year is 2015

“Press releases will evolve. When was the last time you read through an entire press release? Proofreading your own releases doesn’t count. Just as other forms of communication are changing, so are press releases. Look for visual content to further infiltrate press releases, as the standard text-heavy format become less popular in the coming year.” […]

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3 reasons for failed pitches

If your media relations efforts are met with radio silence, you might be committing one of these mistakes. Here’s how to fix it.

Here are three common pitching foibles, along with how you can fix them:

1. Hogging the spotlight

Though you are writing a pitch to introduce a journalist to your brand and share why they should cover your story, don’t make the mistake of making it all about you.

Instead of touting all of your organization’s or client’s recent accomplishments and introducing outstanding new product offerings, make the pitch about the journalist and their readers. Share why your story will benefit them; you’ll be more likely to catch their attention.

2. Lengthy prose

It may take many paragraphs or pages to tell your full story, but writing a pitch is about spelling out the basics and teasing the journalist about the newsworthy qualities of your brand.

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It’s best to leave out most of the information in favor of a few key details; if the reporter wants the full story, he or she will ask you for it.

3. Press release fatigue

A press release may cover all of the necessary information you are trying to convey, but they can bog down journalists who are looking for news.

Try pairing a press release with a quick email introduction highlighting its main bullet points and key takeaways. The reporter will appreciate you taking the time to craft a separate message and simplify the story.

Writing a pitch that’s only about you or your brand, drafting drawn out messages and flooding inboxes with press releases are good ways to ensure your emails end up in a reporter’s trash folder.


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