2012 predictions

using timelines in videos

Plenty of companies, NGOs and public institutions use video for their web activities nowadays. Some don’t do it too well. 

These entities believe that putting together a melange of all their successes into a 5 minute video, that potential clients and partners will immediately run to their screen, save the word file they were just working on, put their feet up and try and figure out the mess they have just been shown.

The simple truth is, is that they simply do not have time for that. And that’s not an obnoxious statement, nor is it merely my opinion. Here look at this.

A recent – smart example of how effective video can be presented over the web, in a nutshell, with clear timeline usage – is a company mesogio have worked with in the past – JWT. 

Take a look at the simplicity or the graphics and see if you remember anything at the end of the 3 something minute video.Or perhaps you’d like to fast forward to the part of the year you are most interested in.

here’s the vid…


And while we’re on the subject of online time – have you got some for another very cool vid by JWT with some predictions for 2012? It’s worth it. Enjoy!

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