Future Marketing Trends 2015 Part 1- Personalised content

15763114_mTechnologies change fast and with them so do consumer demands.
Today companies have to learn to adapt and rummage for ways to delight, win, serve and retain their customers.
Here, at Mesogio, we believe that for truly wired customer centric capabilities that are overwhelmingly in tune with your audiences, a potent Real-Time Personalisation Strategy essentially needs to become the organisation’s compass. A fresh approach if you will that can match the customer’s expectations. Real- Time Personalisation requires the tailoring and delivery of messages and media based on known individual characteristics and likely future behaviours, delivered at the right time and on the right device.

Here are our four key recommendations on how to build an effective Real-Time Personalisation Strategy:

  1. Profound Interaction; you have to identify how your customers interact with your brand and which factors influence their decisions. To get ideas a hard look into the tactics of competitive companies is definitely a go-to approach. Thereafter a strategic plan and roadmap ahead should enable your company to execute your vision.


  1. Accelerated maturity; in order to keep up with the unprecedented speed of change in consumer behaviour and expectations take an honest look at your current state to determine which capabilities are needed to achieve the state of marketing personalisation outlined in your road map enabling you to quickly respond to the needs of your customers.


  1. Data update; you need the eye for and right approach to customer data integration. Audit all of your data sources and consider the best methods for consolidating them. Make your data ready and available for real-time and context- sensitive interactions across channels and devices.


  1. And last but not least; partner up and get help to implement the right Real-Time Personalisation strategy for your business! Make the crucial decision if you have the capabilities yourself or enlist partners that may wield the know-how and toolkits needed to make your goals a reality. Consider partners that add value and satisfy your needs. Scarce internal resources can significantly constrain personalisation advancement. Henceforth realistically consider the people and technologies necessary to achieve your goals.

By Sarah Block

sb1Sarah is our current intern. She is a highly motivated and enthusiastic individual, with a strong belief in the European Union and its vast economic, political and social benefits. Due to her profound interest in economic relations she will be defending her Master Thesis in Economics in July 2015 – with her focus being on the European Union as a global economic actor and key driver of global economic prosperity.

Sarah successfully graduated from the Open University London in 2013, obtaining her Bachelors Degree in International Relations. Thereafter she started her Masters degree at CIFE almost straightaway. The Centre international de formation européenne, is a postgraduate degree programme specialised in political, public and current affairs which are one of her strength areas and form a major genuine interest. Intense face-to-face weekend workshops have brought her to Berlin, Rome, Budapest, Istanbul, Nice and Brussels where she has met representatives of EU institutions, national decision makers in charge of European and International matters and experts from the public and private sectors gaining great insights into the working environment of these organisations.

Sarah is a native German. She is fluent in English and does have a very basic vocabulary in French. You can contact her at:

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Content marketing for the new trends of 2014 – From catwalk to computer

Some of the worlds most well known brands have been around for over a century, proving that brand names and heritage are as important as ever.  However, whilst we are all aware of the big names such as Burberry, Louis Vuitton and Chanel, these high fashion brands have to move with the times and bring themselves into the constant competition for consumers in this digital age. One of the biggest concerns when it comes to marketing digitally is content. Keywords are so important for SEO and even the biggest brand might find themselves wanting if they don’t employ the best copywriters.  Take the article below. It reads naturally, is informative and well written, but if you look closely, is full of the keywords an avid fashion consumer will be searching for:


That perfect androgynous look …

It’s always been around, either in the main stream or lurking in the margins of high fashion.  Designers and manufacturers have long recognised the appeal of combining a masculine tailoring style with the elegance of feminine fabrics.  Colours, textures, patterns and flowing artistic forms all merging into a spectacular look that can be subtle but also can be dramatic. It works both ways of course, with the boys adding a feminine touch to their everyday wear and the girls adding a sharply tailored man’s jacket to a light and floating dress.

Fashions in 2014 promise a new take on old unisex dressing ideas. Edgy tailoring techniques will be used to produce the ultimate in elegant androgynous looks. For example we will see girls in bright white, shirt-style dresses paired with a man’s blazer or long coat.  One up-and-coming designer describes this trend as duality.  It is masculinity and perversity played against femininity and innocence.  The overall effect though will be fun, making a bold but witty statement.


Ulitarian Chic

To some degree androgynous fashions redefine known concepts of gender.  When you mix masculine tailoring with feminine textures and colour you get a kind of utilitarian effect that can please all and can look good virtually anywhere.  It can be a timesaver as well.  Thinking of a formal, red-carpet kind of occasion a woman can pair some simple, classic styled trousers with a perfectly tailored tuxedo jacket and be ready to go in a lot less time than she would normally take to get ready.

There are a lot of Savile Row style tailors in the market who are catering for both men and women.  The precision fitting that men have always been used to is now being enjoyed by women in ever-increasing numbers.  They appreciate the crisp, just-right fit as much as, or even more than, the men.  Trouser suits are very much following the trend towards what some describe as the pared-down aesthetic.

It seems that many people in 2014 will be striving to achieve that perfect androgynous look.  It’s not a new idea but the stylish cut and design of the clothes will be something unique in fashion history.  While there will be plenty of choice on the ready to wear hangers the really good stuff will come from the made-to-measure sources.  Customers should not be afraid to show the tailor pictures of what they have in mind as the prime object of tailoring is to make you look absolutely fabulous.  An expertly cut suit will match not only your body contours but also your personal style and the ultimate aim will be to create something that endures and is not just a passing fad.


Using these sort of keywords in your content with links to other sections on your website is a fabulous way to achieve readable, persuasive content and increase your SEO at the same time. It’s a win-win situation. Increase your market share by following this trend in 2014, and you will certainly be helping your brand flourish.


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Forget the Consumer

‘Consumer’ is a bad name to call people. Tomorrow the world looks more like ‘champion’. People have to champion your brand,not just consume.

Calling people consumers undermines their power.
And they can also destroy you.

‘Brand’ is a bad word too. It’s your company. Because BRAND is associated with branding. People are not cattle/herds/animals.

Forget the CONSUMER.Forget the BRAND


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