European Institute for Gender Equality

Communication Plan and Implementation for Gender-based Violence against Women




mesogio’s tasks for the European Institute for Gender Equality have included:

  • ongoing development of corporate videos in the area of Gender-based Violence against Women
  • ongoing press support, public relations and media monitoring
  • developing a EU-wide competition which targeted art and design students to create a logo for this new EU agency;
  • the creation of an internal communication strategy enabling staff, aligned experts and management board members to speak with a clear and transparent voice;
  • the creation of an external communication strategy enabling the agency to communicate its entry on the scene as a new EU institution;
  • a range of publications, overseeing their design and ensuring their content remained simple, lucid and interesting;
  • the development of a range of video clips, sound recording and viral sharing of all audiovisual content to EIGE’s user community2015-03-25


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