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The present and future of press releases. The year is 2015

“Press releases will evolve. When was the last time you read through an entire press release? Proofreading your own releases doesn’t count. Just as other forms of communication are changing, so are press releases. Look for visual content to further infiltrate press releases, as the standard text-heavy format become less popular in the coming year.”


PRNews made seven predictions for the industry about 2015 not so long ago.
One of them was this – namely on how we are set to change the face of press releases in a (not so) big way this year. Whilst reading it I couldn’t help but think: “Well actually this is so 2012!”

Do you think you can say it better? – I hear my colleagues across the pond say.

Well let me try.

First of all proofreading your own release does count. The amount of errors journalists just about put up with equate to the amount of releases they delete as soon as they spot those errors. And we are talking about journalists who know their stats, their stuff and are generally sufficiently in love with their job – as much as they are with the written language they use – to care.

Ok I give them this: that visual content needs to form part of the new package of news releases. But why stop there?

Package the news inside a real story. Look at the stock market, read what’s making the headlines. Make your title relevant and importantly make it short and controversial (if your client understands the value of the sale). If they don’t understand the sale value – then it’s your job to sell that to them first.

Visual content is a lazy way of saying – generate more than just a photo. Whatever you do avoid using stock photos such as the one used in this article. So boring. Everyone has a camera nowadays whether its a DSLR or on your smartphone. Use those tools expansively! Think about your story and go for a walk (don’t forget the camera).

Even more interesting – generate a GIF. Plenty of online GIF generators exist out there so shoot a short video – perhaps of somebody testing out the product (if the release is about a launch, improvement et al). Here’s an example: Republicans Try To Sell Border Security Bills With ‘Little Mermaid,’ Jennifer Lawrence GIFs

Let me try to improve this. Why not, instead of a regular text based release with accompanying visual content – actually make the release in the form of a short video? No more than 45 seconds – encapsulating all the news that needs to essentially be released in the video. Except here you really need to do your storytelling and have a solid plan.  This one below isn’t too bad…

Remember 45 seconds of a journalist’s time needs at least 4 to 5 days of prep and research – add to that a day of execution and last but not least P-R-O-O-F it!


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Future Marketing Trends 2015 – Part 2 – Mobile Advertising

bend phoneRevolutionising the way we communicate via Facebook has become part of our everyday lives offering yet another groundbreaking device currently shaking up the mobile ad scene – and set to continue to do so in the years to come. Watch out for its ad buying service, soon to become known as “Atlas”, which aims to make all things mobile at same time as resolving previous cross-platform problems.

We recommend that marketers fully embrace this new advertising platform as studies prove that consumers are spending more and more of their time either online or on their mobile phones. Atlas offers real-time and customer-based impact assessment across devices replacing cookies to gather information and track consumer behaviour. In the future customers will be targeted depending on “who they are” instead of “which websites they use”. Facebook owns and gathers users personal information and it counts on selling and feeding marketers ads to their users. In the coming months, Facebook will track users’ journeys across desktop and mobile monitoring while informing advertisers if a user has seen or clicked their ad.

Meaning that from now on, no tracking data will be lost. Marketers can now simply track and follow their users mobile impressions as well as desktop conversations enabling them to analyse which advertisement strategy works best for their products.

In a nutshell, we really recommend marketers look into further investing into and establishing their mobile advertising on Facebook and into using Atlas as a platform to create, buy, measure and optimise digital campaigns. And remember, Mesogio are here to help! 🙂

Be well!

By Sarah Block

sb1Sarah is our current intern. She is a highly motivated and enthusiastic individual, with a strong belief in the European Union and its vast economic, political and social benefits. Due to her profound interest in economic relations she will be defending her Master Thesis in Economics in July 2015 – with her focus being on the European Union as a global economic actor and key driver of global economic prosperity.

Sarah successfully graduated from the Open University London in 2013, obtaining her Bachelors Degree in International Relations. Thereafter she started her Masters degree at CIFE almost straightaway. The Centre international de formation européenne, is a postgraduate degree programme specialised in political, public and current affairs which are one of her strength areas and form a major genuine interest. Intense face-to-face weekend workshops have brought her to Berlin, Rome, Budapest, Istanbul, Nice and Brussels where she has met representatives of EU institutions, national decision makers in charge of European and International matters and experts from the public and private sectors gaining great insights into the working environment of these organisations.

Sarah is a native German. She is fluent in English and does have a very basic vocabulary in French. You can contact her at:

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Guardian reporting EU commits racist foul in video

The European commission has been forced to withdraw a high-budget video promoting the EU amid accusations that it depicts other cultures in a racist manner. A row broke out after the enlargement directorate of the European commission, which is responsible for the expansion of the EU, released a video clip that was designed to appeal to young voters. The video, entitled Growing Together, features a white woman dressed in yellow – the colour of the stars of the EU – walking calmly through a warehouse. As a gong sounds, she looks behind her as an aggressive Chinese-looking man shouting kung fu slogans jumps down in the style of the film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. As he moves towards her, an Indian-looking man in traditional dress wielding a knife levitates towards her. He is a master of kalaripayattu, a martial art from the southern Indian state of Kerala. As she deals with him, a black man with dreadlocks cartwheels towards her in the style of capoeira, the Brazilian martial art. The woman stares at the men. She then multiplies herself to form a circle around the men who drop their weapons and sit down. The woman’s yellow outfit then turns into the stars of the EU. The video shows the words: “The more we are, the stronger we are.” It then says: “Click here to learn more about EU enlargement.” (The Guardian)
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