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method writing

I recently put my head around the similarities between method acting (theatre or cinema) and writing or moviemaking for audiences. When we cast our minds back to Robert De Niro playing Jake La Motta in his oscar winning performance in Raging Bull – or even Daniel Day Lewis’ psychotic character in Gangs of New York […]

mesogio’ve moved!

It’s really that cold huh?! I am in our living room sitting amidst a sea of boxes..most of which are still full. we said that we would unpack this weekend but I don’t see how that will happen. We need to go to Ikea later and by a desk and chair for myself and I […]

The Tweeting Dutchman/woman!

Semiocast has just released global rankings on the usage and popularity of twitter. Our Dutch friends have just managed to edge past the Japanese by a sneaky, extra 3% and now occupy Her Majesty’s top spot! Spain comes in at 3rd place while France and Germany are below Brazil, Turkey and Argentina. Here’s a snapshot […]