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Family name: Kyriacou | Email:

First name: George | Tel: +359 896715 222

Date of birth: 11/02/1978

Nationality: UK/Cyprus



Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained:

IE-EI Institut Européen – European Institute

10/2003 – 07/2004

MA Advanced European Studies and International Relations – majoring in communications for international development

· Final thesis:

Quo Vadis Europa – Political communication in the framework of the EU

Birmingham City University

09/1997 – 06/2000

BA Honours European Business and Languages

French, Spanish

Additional Training:


Relevant training and/or certification:

Poznan Climate Change Conference – COP 2008

ENV Commissioner on the ground Spokesperson’s – “handling the media swarm”

Green Week 2008 – Brussels, Belgium

DG ENV Spokespersons Training 2007

European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) – Brussels, Belgium (2011)

Gender Equality Mainstreaming in the public sector

UN Millennium Development Goals intermediate information seminar (UN Women)

Frontex – Warsaw, Poland (2010)

Expenditure Life Cycle certificate

Deloitte and Touche – Vilnius, Lithuania (2011)

Project Cycle Management certificate

Language skills: (1 – excellent; 5 – basic)





















Membership of professional bodies: British Professional Copywriters Network; ECREA (European Communication Research and Education Association); IABC (International Association of Business Communicators)

Other skills:

Present position: Managing Director of Mesogio Ltd –Reg business: BG201678155

Years within firm: 9 years

Key qualifications:

Specific regional experience:



Regional Covenants of Mayors for Climate and Energy (GCoM)

EU, North America, Latin America, Asia, Africa


Eastern Partnership Region:

Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine




Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia, Uganda, Iraq, Yemen


New Zealand


Hong Kong


EU28 Member States

11/2014 – 03/2015

Armenia, Georgia

11/2014 – 03/2015


02/2014 – 11/2014, 2017


08/2013 – 02/2014


06/2013 – 09/2013

Tunisia, Algeria, France, Egypt, Morocco, Spain, Malta, Greece, Cyprus, Italy

07/2012 – 09/2013

EU28 Member States


EU25 Member States







Professional experience



Organisation / Reference



05/2012 – ongoing

EU wide

Mesogio Limited

*Mesogio Limited references below between 2012 till present day either in the form of subcontractor or as awarded tenders

Managing Director / Senior Communication Expert


Unshaded = Consultant role

· Complete project cycle management for Mesogio’s European Union, WB and UN clients encapsulating recruitment, training and mentoring of technical experts in the training, knowledge sharing and communications sectors

· Extensive knowledge of European Commission external action procedures and programmes, as well as WB, UN – bilateral agencies (SIDA, USAID) including foundations and private corporations

· Internal and external Communication Strategy development

· Profound working experience in communicating the environment and environmental protection, justice and home affairs and employment and social affairs sectors

· Full direction of partnership and consortium formation and business development

· Overall administrative, financial and human resources supervision

· Content management and content marketing development

· Professional Level editing and proofreading for European Union and International Organisation projects

· Mesogio Limited (in George Kyriacou) is a full Member of the British Professional Copywriters Network

10/2020 – ongoing

Regional Covenants of Mayors for Climate and Energy (GCoM)


North America

Latin America



Support to the Secretariat of the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy (Service contract PI/2020/418-375)

Nadya Boneva,

Project Director

Practice Leader – Planet

(Energy, Environment, Climate Change, Urban and Rural Development, Digitalization and Transport)

Tel: +359 2 935 99 81

Communications and Visibility Expert

Senior Non-Key Expert

Support to the Secretariat of the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy (Service contract PI/2020/418-375)

Development, implementation and monitoring of a GCoM communication action plan.

· Increase visibility and awareness of EU climate, energy and development policies and support for urban climate action and interest towards them by national and subnational governments around the world.

· Promotion of EU standards and policies (e.g., for climate-resilient infrastructure) to scale up energy transition and climate action.

· Promotion and showcasing of EU innovations, technologies, services and practices related to clean energy transition and tackling of climate change.

· Promotion of project themes, i.e., urban climate action in the widest sense but also specific areas of interest as they arise (e.g., co-benefits between climate, environmental, health and just transition objectives), taking into account guidance from the Contracting Authority.

Contracted under DAI/Human Dynamics

10/2020 – 12/2020

Eastern Partnership Region:

Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine



Contract Nr. ENI/2019/411-043)

Besnik Limaj,

Team Leader

EU4Digital: Improving Cyber Resilience in the Eastern Partnership Countries

Communications and Visibility Expert

Senior Non-Key Expert

EU4Digital: Improving Cyber Resilience in the Eastern Partnership Countries – Cybersecurity component

Eastern Neighbourhood partner countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine)

The Project aims to address and contribute towards the development of technical and cooperation mechanisms that increase cybersecurity and preparedness against cyber-attacks, in line with the EU standards across the EaP region – including the resilience, approximation and technical cooperation aligned to the distribution of disinformation and fake news inter alia.

· Draft Communication and Visibility Strategy following the EU’s applicable general Communication and Visibility Requirements for EU External Actions (2018) as well as the EU’s specific Eastern Partnership Brand Guidelines and the EU4Digital Initiative’s guidelines;

· Final Communication and Visibility Strategy incl. Action Plan specifically following the EU4Digital Initiative’s guidelines and feedback provided by GFA Project Team and Team Leader and EU DG NEAR Task Manager, responsible officer for communication and visibility for EU4Digital/the EaP region.

06/2019 – 01/2020

Tirana, Albania

European Union Delegation to Albania

Ardian Metaj, Programme Officer – Transport and WBIF Coordination

Hill International | Deloitte | LDK Consultants

Kalypso Kyriakopoulou – Project Controls Director

Communications and Visibility Expert

Senior Non-Key Expert


Journalism | Content


Event Management | Capacity Building)

Technical Assistance to strengthen the capacities for the overall planning preparation and implementation of infrastructure projects in Albania

· Draft bespoke Communications and Visibility Strategy and Action Plan for the Inception Report;

· Creation and integration of key messaging across workplans circa facilitating technical assistance to Albanian institutions/agencies across large infrastructure project/programmes in Energy and Environment sectors

· Capacity training to beneficiary institutions/agencies for upgrading their greening capacities for the implementation of infrastructure projects

· In advance of any visibility event, work with the EUD and relevant Beneficiaries to finalise the agenda, scene setter, background note and key messages to be disseminated to the public;

· Coordinating staff and internal resources for communication and visibility activities;

· Support TA team in promoting and coordinating visibility activities with local EU Delegation, beneficiary institutions and media;

· Ensure the EU Delegation media channels are provided with key information;

· Develop project-specific deliverables as agreed by the EUD and/or beneficiaries (reserving necessity for extra person-days depending on request);

· Monitoring and assessing of the project’s work progress, status of deliverables and effectiveness of strategy related to Communications and Visibility actions;

· Design, prepare, deliver, and evaluate the communication materials, including, but not limited to, publications, reports, brochures, newsletters, media releases, videos, social media content and website updates, visibility products, and products for exhibitions and launches.

01/2018 –



European Investment Bank

Bruno Robino, Head of fi-compass at European Investment Bank

Deloitte (Luxembourg)

Pierre Masset – Engagement Partner

(Mesogio Ltd: subcontractor)

Team Leader

Key Expert 1


Journalism | Content


Event Management | Capacity Building)

Communication and Capacity Building services for the use of European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) Financial Instruments in the 2014-2020 Programming Period

· Main formal contact point with EIB fi-compass on day-to-day management and coordination of all individual assignments

· Responsible of overall daily management of the project, monitoring of the services rendered and resourcing the individual assignments

· Design, identification, implementation and review of key performance indicators by assignment activity for the purposes of gauging relevant communication results

· Alignment and compliance of key performance indicators to communications outputs vis-à-vis EIB Group Climate Bank Roadmap to ensure assimilation of:

o EIB commitment to “gradually increase the share of its financing” in the are of green financing to “reach 50% by 2025 and beyond

· Management of the relation with consortium members, ensuring that they actively participate in the project and comply with the consortium internal manual of procedures

· Scheduling and lead in the orientation, quality and risk training for the project team

· Proposing to the fi-compass team the most effective and cost-effective responses and solutions from an organisational and administrative perspective to ensure optimal outreach and awareness, information and content delivery and effective logistics and content impact across events

· Implementation of the proposed responses and solutions across service delivery with the fi-compass team

· Responsible for setting-up and managing teams of adequate size to perform specific tasks

· Ultimately accountable for quality and successful delivery of the fi-compass project

· Provision of strategic views towards smooth project development

· Monitoring of all other Key Experts performance and quality of deliverables (assignments)

· Assurance of timely delivery of all services in line with contractual agreement and timeframes

11/2017 –


Thessaloniki Greece

European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (CEDEFOP)

Jesus Bustamante,


Leigh Boussios – Team Leader

(Mesogio Ltd: subcontractor)

Skills Panorama Marketing Consultant

Senior Marketing Expert

CEDEFOP – Skills Panorama – complete Marketing and Awareness Strategy development

· Target audiences and stakeholder mapping optimisation

· Content strategy and content marketing strategy incl. action plan development (with a view to full implementation in 2018)

· Content and audience analysis of Skills Panorama users

· UX Marketing Skills Panorama profile research and development

· Social Media audit and recommendations with a view to strategic overhaul in 2018 (post February period)

11/2016 –


Brussels, Belgium

European Commission- DG Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility

Marinella van Welsenes, EURES Policy Officer


Iva Gotovac – Team Leader

(Mesogio Ltd: subcontractor)

EURES News and Information Bureau Manager

Head of Content and Dissemination

EURES News and Information Bureau Management – complete PCM of content and dissemination – under FWC VC/2016/0362 – FWC for services in support of communication activities in the field of employment, social affairs, skills and labour mobility

· Research, interviewing and redaction of 10 articles/blogposts per week

· Editorial and operational management of two monthly newsletters – internal and external stakeholders

· Complete management of CMS and knowledge sharing management system including referencing, tagging and curation of all media content

· Development of events management strategy to address Brussels Job Day with a primary focus on “the green economy” as part the European Commission priorities for its potential in fostering job creation and kick-starting the economy

· Curation, crafting, redaction and uploading of all EURES social media content inputs via all EURES social media platforms

· Cross-publishing between national EURES social media accounts and other EC platforms

· Moderation and animation of the EURES collaborative workgroups

· Monitoring and updating of the events calendar on the EURES portal

· Provision of advice on improving the EURES portal and extranet

01/2017 –


Brussels, Belgium

European Commission – Joint DG DEVCO / ECHO

Juergen Hohmann, Programme Officer, International Cooperation and Development; Unit B3:


Cecile Cherrier – Team Leader

(Mesogio Ltd: subcontractor)

KM | Communication Expert

Methodological and Knowledge Sharing support programme (MKS)

Assignment for the execution of the first phase of the preparation of an ECHO/DEVCO guidance package including one EC staff seminar on: Shaping Social Protection as effective short and long-term response to multivariate shocks, protracted crises and displacement – Jointly coordinated by DG DEVCO B3 and DG ECHO B1, in collaboration with DG DEVCO C1 and its Advisory Service in Social Transfers | ARES approval (16/09/2016): Ares(2016)5410980

· Research and development of content and marketing structure for interactive collaborative platform (capacity4dev and

· KM Platform method, strategy and action plan capable of facilitating interaction, knowledge and best practices

· For the purposes of sharing information and dialogue about the overarching and shared policy area of Social Protection between DEVCO and ECHO and particularly on the adverse effects (material and other well-being) of climate variability and climate change that occur despite efforts

· In the framework of harnessing information and sharing policy dialogue between both DGs and addressing gaps in internal communications implementation and follow-up

03/2016 – 06/2016

Brussels, Belgium

European External Action Service

Pietro De Matteis, Foreign Policy Initiative Programme Officer

Equinoccio – Media Consulta

Bianca Baumler – Team Leader

(Mesogio Ltd: subcontractor)

Project Communication Coordinator

– short term assignment

EU Policy and Outreach Platform / Public Diplomacy – PI Annual Action Programme (AAP) 2015 – EuropeAid/137304/DH/SER/Multi – Lot 01 EU Policy and Outreach Partnership

Project´s primary “public” or audience are think tanks and media, as well as academics and students. In close cooperation with local universities, PR companies, think tanks and other partners.

The project organised around ten events (e.g. conferences/seminars/round-tables), with well-developed audience interaction and elaborated outreach in the “pilot countries”. The identified priority topics included Climate Change, Geographic Indications within the context of Free Trade Agreements and Media Perceptions of the EU.

Key expert for European Commission’s Foreign Policy Instrument

Global, with focus on Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa and New Zealand

· Oversee research of best practices in Public Diplomacy

· Conduct monitoring and evaluation of “pilot interventions”

· Carry-out networking activities to help identify best global partners with links to pilot countries

· Conduct review of relevant local partners and events

· Supervise social media engagement and monitoring activities on selected themes – in local context

11/2014 – 03/2015

Brussels, Belgium

European Union

European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE)

Jesper Hansen, Head of Communication

Virginija.Langbakk, Director

(Mesogio Ltd: subcontractor)

Team Leader / Knowledge sharing and awareness raising Expert

EIGE/2015/OPER/30 – European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) – awareness raising consultation and implementation services on the White Ribbon Campaign

Promoting effective and sustainable institutional mechanisms for the advancement of Gender Equality – situation and practice in Eastern Partnership, IPA and EU-28 countries – ENP, IPA, EU-28

· Developed knowledge sharing seminar on 8 & 10 December 2014 at European Parliament and European Council (Brussels).

· Designed and implemented awareness raising and media relations’ strategy including full media monitoring outputs.

· Disseminated knowledge and good practice outcome of seminars to multi-stakeholder community and selected gender based violence interested press corps in EU 28 and Brussels-based media.

· Developed methodology and scenario and oversaw complete production of two videos, audiovisual development and graphical and content ownership and team deployment of publications for two seminars.

· Video sample for project:

02/2014 – 11/2014

Ankara, Turkey

European Commission (EEAS)

Ebru Taskin,

(Mesogio Ltd: subcontractor)

Team Leader / CommunicationandEditingExpert

FWC COMM LOT 2 2013/334487 – Improved visibility on the internet of the EU financial cooperation managed by the EU Delegation in Ankara


Improved visibility on the internet of the EU’s financial cooperation managed by the EU Delegation in Ankara

Project Cycle Management (oversight, formulation, elaboration of project proposal, including related budget; project management – including meetings with Delegation; assignment of technical tasks to graphic designer, webmaster, SQL database administrator, internal monitoring and evaluation.

8/2013 – 2/2014



World Bank (ECSSD)

Anna Cestari,

(Mesogio Ltd: subcontractor)

Senior Communication Expert

Development of a Communications Strategy and customer Satisfaction Surveys for Dushanbe Vodokanal, (DVK) Tajikistan Second Dushanbe Water Supply Project (DWSP-2)

· Developed a three-year DVK Communications Strategy, in support of DVK’s objectives for improved service, financial viability and customer accountability, including staff knowledge sharing strategies.

· Developed the action plan for the Communications Strategy implementation, including staff training methodology, timeframes, descriptions of knowledge sharing and outreach methods & instruments to be used, indicators for monitoring purposes, responsibilities of DVK staff members towards actions, cost estimates and sources of financing.

· Developed a Manual for DVK Communications and Public Outreach that will guide DVK with future operations.

06/2013 – 09/2013

Zagreb, Brussels, Strasbourg

Belgo-Croatian Chamber of Economy



(Mesogio Ltd: awarded tender)

Team Leader / Public Relations Director

Media Awareness ‘BeCroative’ Campaign – Croatian Chamber of Economy EU Accession 2013 Brussels and Strasbourg awareness campaigns

· Complete planning, scenario development, pre-production, shooting and editing of two corporate promo videos for client as well as for five national TV interviews with high level VIP present at the exhibition to raise awareness among TV viewers

· Promotional videos presenting the highlights of BeCroative exhibition –  –

· Managed investigation of 50 journalists from Croatian, European and regional Media in the field of EU Affairs, inventions, innovation and lifestyle

· Complete oversight of drafting and dispatch of press releases in English and Croatian before and after the exhibition making them interesting for journalists to read

· Dispatch management of exhibition invitations to journalists particularly interested to bring them exhibition

· Follow-Up with the journalists after each action in order to make sure they received the material

· Oversight of development of severalnational print interviews (e.g. Le Monde, Tagesspiegel) with high level VIP present at the exhibition to raise awareness among readers

· Developed feature news story in Belgian and French lifestyle magazines to give Croatian inventions the right stage to apply their quality

· Project reference available at following link:

12/2012 – 09/2013


Union for the Mediterranean Secretariat (UfMS)

Allal Ouazzani Touhami


Katharine Vlachos

(Mesogio Ltd: subcontractor)

Senior Communication Expert

Organisation of the Conference on Employment and Territorial Development in Tunisia Financing and Implementing

· Communication strategy development,

· Content management, editorial planning, implementation of entire suite of press, public relations and written tasks circa Mediterranean Economic Conference (

Responsible for knowledge sharing, visibility and promotion of the Conference.

· Drafting of a communication/media strategy to ensure maximum visibility of the Conference vis-à-vis its key audiences

· ensure coverage of the Conference from the preparatory phase (to raise the awareness about the event), during the event and after

· Drafting and implementation of an action plan for strategy implementation

· Development, maintenance and management of the Conference website

· Coordinated the production of audiovisual material with interviews of important speakers and uploading at the conference website.

05/2012 – 09/2012

Spain, Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, France

Union for the Mediterranean Secretariat (UfMS)

Isabel Pardillos

(Mesogio Ltd: awarded tender)

Team Leader

ToR consultancy drafting for Conference on Employment and Territorial Development in Tunisia

· Research

· Planning

· Proposal and drafting of methodology and terms of reference incl. supporting suite of procurement documentation


Brussels, Belgium

European Commission

David Sanmiguel

(Mesogio Ltd: subcontractor)

Communication Expert

Communications and publication coordination in the context of 2nd EU REDD+ Projects Coordination Meeting

The 2nd EU REDD+ Projects Coordination Meeting took place in Brussels, on 3 and 4 July 2012. The meeting was organised by the European Commission, and had two main aims:

· Sharing updates on EU funded REDD+ projects; and

· Exchanging information and taking stock of experiences in REDD+ implementation with EU partners and other actors in the REDD+ community.

About 50 participants attended the meeting, including representatives from REDD+ projects financed under the ENRTP programme.

08/2009 – 04/2012

Vilnius, Lithuania

European Union

European Institute for Gender Equality

Virginija.Langbakk, Director

EU Staff Official /Information and Communication Officer

· Project Management for knowledge sharing, good practice and peer review of Beijing Platform for Action. Gender Equality Index, Women in the Media, Gender Equality andClimate Change EU Presidency publications

· Review of the Implementation in the EU of area K of the Beijing Platform for Action: Women and the Environment, – complete communications and marketing material development, coordination, management and monitoring of Area K of the Beijing Platform for Action in the Area of Women’s role, the Environment and Climate Change

· Chief Project Manager of Drupal driveninterim and final websites (2009-2012) – full website management

· Agency’s Chief Publications Manager for all paper based marketing materials including the production of leaflets, flyers, brochures, annual work programme

· Supervision and implementation of communications procurement procedures

· Development and implementation of internal and external communications strategy

· Planning and implementation of agency logo campaign and brand identity – development of subsequent sub-marketing brands for each area of the Agency’s areas and sectors of policy development

· Proofreading and editing agency’s overall official, press documents and publications

· Coordination and development of agency’s website in terms of concept, content and promotion

· Agency’s coordinator for projects with EU Publications Office (OPOCE)

· Drafting and editing of speeches and other written material for agency’s Director

03/2009 – present


Centre International de Formation Européenne –

Dr Matthias Waechter, Director

Trainer – Lecturer

Research Adviser

Trainer- Lecturer and Research Adviser Training and supervising Masters students’ research on following topics:

· Communicating the European Union, including raising awareness and enhancing visibility of European Commission DG COMM central versus decentralised communication (Brussels to Representations/Delegations and vice-versa), climate, regional, gender and vocational training related topics to a wider public

· Political communications strategy development

· Working with the media, using current digital communication tools such as social media and blogs as well as traditional media (e.g. copywriting publications, reports, brochures, leaflets and flyer).

03/2008 – 03/2009

Brussels, Belgium

European Commission

DG Environment,

Unit A1 Communication and Governance

Martijn Quinn

Barbara Helfferich

EU Staff Official / Press and Media Officer

· Supervision of unit contractors/suppliers (tender preparation, contract management)

· DG Environment (DG ENV) Communication Strategy 2008 implementation

· Developed social media strategy using portals such as Facebook and YouTube, edited Commissioner’s website and blog

· Editor and multimedia communications coordination of DG ENV Biodiversity and Climate Change web section

· Contributed to the design of messages and arguments

· Drafted and edited speeches

· Produced written material for the Environment Commissioner such as speech and flyer for UNFCCC COP 15 in Copenhagen – side event on 12 December 2009: “Climate change, ecosystem services and biodiversity

· Climate Change, Ecosystem services and Biodiversity – Flyer Link:

· Central member of media team; press releases, articles, written interview replies, citizen’s summaries, midday express etc.

· Drafted new content (brief news, policy summaries) on environmentally relevant events and Commission’s efforts to approach climate change and environmental degradation in English and Greek

· Ensured the quality control of website and page contents; verify that information is regularly updated

· Provided information about the DG Environment proposals, actions and results

· Events management: climate change and sustainable development

10/2006 – 03/2008

Berlin, Germany

European Agenda Magazine; Helios Media GmbH

Rudolf Hetzel

Senior Editor / Communications Director

· Definition of Editorial line and content

· Hired, trained and mentored external contributors

· Planning and editing of magazines

· Achieved under budget execution of successive magazine productions

· Investigation of content and writing of articles

· Designed specialised English PR training methodologies, Communication development and delivered trainings for Helios Media’s sister company Deutsche Presseakademie

07/2006 – 10/2006

Berlin, Germany

Transparency International Secretariat

Roberto Perez Rocha

Communications Coordinator

International Anti-Corruption Conference 2006 – –

· Implementation of global anti-corruption conference

· Implementation of Secretariat IACC communication strategy

· Project collaboration with participating governments

· Project facilitation with UNDP South American delegations, UNDP Central and Eastern Europe Delegation (Bratislava) USAID Guatemala, Mexico the Governments of Guatemala and Belize

· Principal media relations conducted with participating press corps

11/2004 – 06/2006

Sofia, Bulgaria

V+O Communication Bulgaria

Yiannis Manakos

Public Affairs / Communications Manager

· Corporate communications project management (authored, consulted on, implemented, monitored, evaluated PR strategies):

o Heineken

o Pro Credit Bank

o Bayer Pharmaceuticals

o Hellenic Petroleum

04/2002 – 08/2003


European Commission


Panos Karvounis

(current function: Head of European Commission’s Office in Greece)

Marcom International, GD LUXEMBOURG

Bruno Thiébaud –

Former CEO – currently EU Staff Official

Project Manager

Ex-ante/post Evaluation for DG’s Environment, Enlargement, Press (known as DG COMM today), in addition to Eurostat and OPOCE

· The work conducted for the above DGs was part of a Framework Contract for the provision of evaluation and impact assessment services between 2002-2005

· For DG Environment and Enlargement the project consisted largely of an ex-post evaluation of the both DGs Communication strategies for 2001; conducive to an ex-ante evaluation and recommendations for subsequent years in the context of DG BUDGET’s global Management Plan

· Evaluation across these projects consisted primarily of the assessment and redefinition of global and specific objectives, the audit of real key performance indicators and the development of key recommendations towards the reconfiguration of new strategies within the same Management Plan.

· Support DG COMM in its evaluation methodology process in relation to the DGs Annual Strategic Management Plan

· Definition of Support tools for DG COMM strategic and operational objectives (First level of ex_ante evaluation):

· Support for the implementation of DG COMMcommunication actions (Second level of evaluation: ex_ante2)

· Decision-support regarding the upturn of global objectives, operational objectives and the internal/external context of DG COMM

· Preparation of tender offers/bids in response to procurement projects

· Tender preparation and submission and methodology writing for wining tenders.


Other relevant information (selection of publications):