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George P Kyriacou

reducing complicated to awesomely simple...

As a consultant under brandname Mesogio, George holds 20+ years of hands-on experience & advanced skills in communication strategy, journalism, bid writing & content delivery.
Primary interests & know-how lie in the framework of the EU Institutions, banking, energy, climate Comms & Gender.
George also possesses bounds of expertise in crafting compelling copy as both news content (current affairs – corporate journalism – organisational journalism) as well as in terms of crafting winning bids, proposals, methodologies, tender/procurement documentation.
George is valuable to missions whose goal is to maximise impact for international stakeholders, audiences & influential online media.

Senior Key Expert
Team Leader
Communication | Content Strategy
EuropeAid | Technical Assistance | EU FWCs | World Bank | UN
Native English | Journalist | Content | Copywriter | Editor
Quality Assurance | Knowledge Management | Risk Assessment | Project Management
  • Demonstrated success across international organisations, namely across – Environment/Climate Change, Gender Equality, Vocational Training & Education, Childcare issues, Migration;
  • Emphasis on developing media/communications strategy, PR implementation & content marketing & visual comms – primarily for EU FWC & Europeaid visibility missions,
  • Enhanced knowledge of EC enlargement policy & strategy previously as an established staff official and externally as a consultant/contractor,
  • Proven track record in execution and quality assurance of EU communication/visibility guidelines in the form of full cycle management of graphical charter, style guide, logo and brand deployment,
  • Complete project management of ex_ante/ex_post evaluation methodology of EC communication strategies,
  • Experience in successfully selecting and managing teams for EU (EC FWC, PRAG, Europeaid, Devco), UNDP, World Bank – funded projects,
  • Outstanding native English report, publication and content-for-web writing and presentation skills.
  • Continued success in the mobilisation and management of teams of experts, (onsite as well as remote based)
  • Passionate, intuitive, driven by creative people and projects, driven, realistic-optimist and persistent.
Mesogio Limited
*Mesogio Limited references below between 2012 till present day either in the form of subcontractor or as awarded tenders
Managing Director / Senior Communication Expert
Complete project cycle management for Mesogio’s European Union, WB and UN clients encapsulating recruitment, training and mentoring of technical experts in the training, knowledge sharing and communications sector
Extensive knowledge of European Commission external action procedures and programmes, as well as WB, UN – bilateral agencies (SIDA, USAID) including foundations and private corporations
Internal and external Communication Strategy development
Profound working experience in communicating the environment and environmental protection, justice and home affairs and employment and social affairs sectors
Full direction of partnership and consortium formation and business development
Overall administrative, financial and human resources supervision
Content management and content marketing development
Professional Level editing and proofreading for European Union and International Organisation projects
Mesogio Limited is a full Member of the British Professional Copywriters Network
01/2018 –
European Investment Bank
Bruno Robino, Head of fi-compass at European Investment Bank 
Deloitte (Luxembourg)
Pierre Masset – Engagement Partner
(Mesogio Ltd: subcontractor)
Team Leader
Key Expert 1
(Outreach/Journalism | Content/Web/Event Management | Capacity Building)
Communication and Capacity Building services for the use of European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) Financial Instruments in the 2014-2020 Programming Period
Main formal contact point with EIB fi-compasson day-to-day management and coordination of all individual assignments
Responsible of overall daily management of the project, monitoring of the services rendered and resourcing the individual assignments
Design, identification, implementation and review of key performance indicators by assignment activity for the purposes of gauging relevant communication results
Management of the relation with consortium members, ensuring that they actively participate in the project and comply with the consortium internal manual of procedures
Scheduling and lead in the orientation, quality and risk training for the project team
Proposing to the fi-compass team the most effective and cost-effective responses and solutions from an organisational and administrative perspective to ensure optimal outreach and awareness, information and content delivery and effective logistics and content impact across events
Implementation of the proposed responses and solutions across service delivery with the fi-compass team
Responsible for setting-up and managing teamsof adequate size to perform specific tasks
Ultimately accountable for quality and successful delivery of the fi-compass project
Provision of strategic views towards smooth project development
Monitoring of all other Key Experts performance and quality of deliverables (assignments)
Assurance of timely delivery of all services in line with contractual agreement and timeframes
IE-EI Institut Européen – European Institute - 10/2003 - 07/2004
Birmingham City University - 09/1997 - 06/2000
MA Advanced European Studies and International Relations - majoring in communications for international development (Final thesis: Quo Vadis Europa - Political communication in the framework of the EU)
BA Honours European Business and Languages French, Spanish
Poznan Climate Change Conference – COP 2008
Green Week 2008 – Brussels, Belgium
European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) – Brussels, Belgium (2011)
Frontex – Warsaw, Poland (2010)
Deloitte and Touche – Vilnius, Lithuania (2011)
European Environment Commissioner on the ground Spokesperson’s – “handling the media swarm”
DG ENV Spokespersons Training 2007
Gender Equality Mainstreaming UN Millennium Development Goals intermediate information seminar (UN Women)
Expenditure Life Cycle certificate
Project Cycle Management certificate
  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Final Cut Pro
Agile and Scrum (JIRA) Full-stack Project Management
MS Office
(Adobe) Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator
Advanced HTML
Web Admin
11/2017 –
Thessaloniki, Greece
European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (CEDEFOP)
Jesus Bustamante,
Leigh Boussios – Team Leader
(Mesogio Ltd: subcontractor)
Skills Panorama Marketing Consultant
Senior Marketing Expert
CEDEFOP – Skills Panorama – complete Marketing and Awareness Strategy development
Target audiences and stakeholder mapping optimisation
Content strategy and content marketing strategy incl. action plan development (with a view to full implementation in 2018)

Content and audience analysis of Skills Panorama users
UX Marketing Skills Panorama profile research and development
Social Media audit and recommendations with a view to strategic overhaul in 2018 (post February period))
11/2016 –
Brussels, Belgium
European Commission- DG Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility
Marinella van Welsenes, EURES Policy Officer
Iva Gotovac – Team Leader
(Mesogio Ltd: subcontractor)
EURES News and Information Bureau Manager
Head of Content and Dissemination
EURES News and Information Bureau Management – complete PCM of content and dissemination – under FWC VC/2016/0362 – FWC for services in support of communication activities in the field of employment, social affairs, skills and labour mobility
Research, interviewing and redaction of 10 articles/blogposts per week
Editorial and operational management of two monthly newsletters – internal and external stakeholders
Complete management of CMS and knowledge sharing management system including referencing, tagging and curation of all media content
Curation, crafting, redaction and uploading of all EURES social media content inputs via all EURES social media platforms
Cross-publishing between national EURES social media accounts and other EC platforms
Moderation and animation of the EURES collaborative workgroups
Monitoring and updating of the events calendar on the EURES portal
Provision of advice on improving the EURES portal and extranet)