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Easy to use: anyone can put a parcel in the locker or take it out, and it is very easy to pay for the service by bank card or in cash.

Convenient location: the customers can send or receive parcels at the same places that they visit every day when purchasing food or other daily necessities. They no longer need to stay at a specific place waiting for the courier or go to a post office located somewhere far away.

Convenient time: the parcels can be sent or received as long as the shopping mall is open, or in some cases 24/7 (outdoor terminals).

Quick service: the parcels reach the recipient in 24-72 hours (depending on the working speed of the post office)

Inexpensive: the parcels are delivered to one location instead of numerous different recipients; the service is accessible to everyone.

Secure: security cameras are mounted and the information is recorded.

Versatility: additional functions expand the possibilities of self-service terminals (ticket sales, crediting phone accounts, paying utility bills, etc.).

Voiceover: Loginpost from mesogio on Vimeo.