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Communication and Content Support for Solmeyea

Proposal presented by: Mesogio

Hi Vasilis!

With 20+ years of experience in developing comms, branding and writing content for some of the most useful organisations around the world, we are confident that we can provide the knowledge and insight to help Solmeyea reach your growth strategy via a solid image and constant key messaging.

The term Content Marketing has become somewhat of a buzzword over the last few years, which is why at Mesogio we’ve distilled the term to its core… Growth through interaction. Sounds pretty simple when put this way, right? And it can be… Content marketing (done right) can help Solmeyea to build a stronger, healthier business. And the same applies for the accompanying look and feel of the clothes worn by the messaging (visual comms), hence the way you project your image online and onsite.

George Kyriacou
Founder: Mesogio

We propose 2 options to choose from below – by which we can collaborate:

Option  #1:

  • Change Website Theme
  • Create Pages:
  • Home Page
    • Company headline
    • Short Introduction to the company
    • Why the company matters
    • Main call(s) to action
    • Associated imagery
    • Social Proof (Quotes from people the company has worked with)
    • Newsletter subscription box (development of content for newsletter proposed in Option #2 below)
  • About Us Page
    • About the company
    • Company Mission
    • Career Page
    • Media and awards
    • Contact Page
  • Technology Page
    • Air Capture
    • Chemical Conversion
    • BioMass
    • Protein
    • Animal Feed
    • Technology Page
  • Past Projects Page
  • Testimonials Page (Testimonials from stakeholders)
  • News/Blog Page (Here we suggest developing bespoke industry news and company announcements. We propose beginning with at least 2 articles and thereafter adding content on a weekly basis as per a semesterly editorial plan)
  • Create Facebook Page
  • Create a bulletin for email distribution (sent either monthly or bi-monthly depending on information mass determined in editorial plan)

Option  #2:

  1. Post weekly on dedicated news/blog section of website – content shareable and aggregated
  2. Send bulletin (monthly or bi-monthly)
  3. Create infographics, downloadable marketing materials for website
  4. Post three times a week on Facebook

Initial Objectives

After chatting with you, Vasili, for the last few weeks or so, we feel sure we have a solid grasp on how we can help Solmeyea reach your goals.

A meeting of minds

Any content marketing strategy starts with you, your business needs and desired outcomes. Unfortunately, as you’ve already experienced, content for contents’ sake doesn’t help anyone, least of all Mesogio.. We’ll get to know Solmeyea and your customers (or who you’d like them to be) and create personas for each significant cross-section…Helping us to hone in on exactly the topics and content that will give you the most bang for your buck. We’ll meticulously trawl though your existing content, seeing what’s worked, what hasn’t and more importantly, why! Knowing why we’ve failed (and succeeded) is the key to future success!

Structure development | editorial vision | content | storytelling

Benjamin Franklin knew what he was talking about when he said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” Creating a 6 month content plan is paramount to the success of Solmeyea.. Without wishing to repeat ourselves, content for contents' sake helps nobody. We’ll be in close contact with you and any other team members you ask us to throughout this entire process. While there is tremendous value to be gained through awesome content, we won’t limit ourselves to merely pushing out a weekly blog post. That just won't cut it anymore (did it ever?). Here’s a little of what you can expect from us over the course of any given month. - Four highly researched articles that will speak to your audience. - A monthly newsletter to accompany each new blog article. - Relevant marketing suggestions to promote all new content (Social, mailings, newsletters, outreach etc.). -Ongoing interviews with team members and trimestral client interviews to make sure we’re hitting all the right areas.

Pitch deck template

-Structure -Content -Visuals Based on:

Graphics upgrades and web marketing

We have taken a look at your website. It's currently built with Wordpress which is a pretty good thing! So what we can do to optimise the look and feel is to:


Recommend a new theme to be with several pages, as opposed to single-slider page - you really want to avoid the agency look as you are a projecting a serious organisation that will inevitably need to track and record achievements in no time, very soon (thereby the need for documented work and achievements).


Create a different page for each of the sections and add more, and tailor-made information (for let's say 3 or 4 of your different target audiences (B2B, Funding partners, Donors, Media).


Build sub-pages such as for instance in the technology section provide more information on the categories: -Air capture -Chemical conversion -Biomass -Protein -Animal feed. This can then set the basis for ongoing messaging and storytelling that feeds into a semesterly editorial plan.


Add additional resources/ pages with success stories and the explainers we discussed as well as testimonials and eventually client feedback.

Additional suggestion:

Add a monthly bulletin with latest news, company announcements, interviews or testimonials. Also perhaps a page for industry news.

Recommended action:

To feed all messaging from the editorial calendar into your social media, at least Facebook - ideally also Instagram.


Estimated Timeline:

mid-September 2019

Option #1
12 working days
Pitch Deck
5 working days
Option #2
Monthly ongoing

Project based vs Monthly support

Vasilis, The below choices are for you to choose from. You are free to select either 1, 2 or All proposed services.

Option #1 is a project based, one-off fee for the work developed and does not include content related to the News Page, Facebook Page and Newsletter
Pitch Deck is the fee for developing all structure, content and graphics and is a project based, one-off fee for the work developed
Option #2 is a monthly retainer fee for the work developed and includes all content related to the News Page, Facebook Page and Newsletter and based on 16 hours of work

Total: €2515

Approve Proposal

If you would like to join us and become a client then we’d be delighted to have you.

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