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  • Writing
    Specialist press-EU affairs-Technology, gadgets-Political affairs
  • Editing-Proofreading
    Creative copywriting-Digital copywriting-SEO copywriting-Content strategy-Project management
  • Social Media strategy
    Presence optimisation-Simplified interactive services
  • Digital Media Production
    AV tv, online and radio spots-Viral video-Storyboard editing-Scenario development



How Can mesogio Help?

Whether you’re looking for ongoing support or one-off strategic input, here are some of the services we provide to business, institutions and individuals

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  • Raising awareness or increasing visibility of a task, activity, business, brand or personality
  • Building relationships with influencers: journalists, bloggers, influencers within social networks
  • Online engagement with customers: community outreach and development
  • Differentiation: developing a distinct brand voice, ensuring consistency of message
  • Social media strategy development: guidance, training, implementation, social media monitoring and reporting.[/ulist]

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All in all, another way of describing our services would be to say that we can help you with PR, social media engagement, copywriting and brand development.