Whether you’re looking for ongoing support or one-off strategic input, here are some of the services we provide to business, institutions and individuals

Our Expertise

  • Public sector – EU | International 
  • Energy – preferably renewables 
  • Banking and finance
  • Beauty & Fashion
  • Health & Wellness
  • Food & Beverage
  • Home & Lifestyle
  • Retail
  • Consumer Technology
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Foundations & Associations
  • Next-Generation Companies

Our Skills

  • Writing
    Tender methodology and proposals | Specialist press-EU affairs |Technology | Gadgets | Political affairs
  • Editing-Proofreading
    Creative copywriting | Digital copywriting | SEO copywriting | Content strategy | Project management
  • Social Media strategy
    Presence optimisation | Simplified interactive services
  • Digital Media Production
    AV tv |online and radio spot | Viral video-Storyboard editing | Scenario development
  • Raising awareness or increasing visibility of a task, activity, business, brand or personality
  • Building relationships with influencers: journalists, bloggers, influencers within social networks
  • Online engagement with customers: community outreach and development
  • Differentiation: developing a distinct brand voice, ensuring consistency of message
  • Social media strategy development: guidance, training, implementation, social media monitoring and reporting.

All in all, another way of describing our services would be to say that we can help you with PR, social media engagement, copywriting and brand development.

Oftentimes your messages need clear and meaningful impact. Where they may appear obvious to you – that usually isn’t the case to your followers. And this is how we help you understand your demographics, psychographics and audience behaviours – before beginning to craft any message whatsoever

Mesogio can help you reduce your oftentimes complicated messaging down to awesomely simple calls for action


  • “Mesogio are an extremely imaginative and creative group, with plenty of interesting and thought-provoking ideas. They are convinced Europeans and driven by the passion to communicate Europe effectively. Brilliant speakers and writers at the same time very organized and efficient in their work. mesogio work in many languages fluently and have operated in many countries. The perfect people to work with…- September 2, 2011 “

    Matthias Waechter – Director
    Matthias Waechter
  • “Compliments on your prompt and effective service. You are just excellent at what you do…- July, 2012”

    Kristina Lukauskaitė – Ideamecca.it
    Kristina Lukauskaitė
  • “Consistently enthusiastic and proactive – mesogio make good use of their well developed interpersonal skills. Excellent writers of press releases, memos, brochures, fact sheets, speeches, articles and web content in a wealth of languages. Happy to be contacted for further references! – May, 2009”

    C. Vopel – Environment DG
  • George and the mesogio team have always delivered their content, scripting and voiceover services to us on time and always with an extra bit of that mesogio magic..cannot wait to work with them again!

    Jano Studija – Operations Developer
    Jano Studija
  • “Effective, proactive and zestful are the 3 words that can be associated to mesogio. With a young and dynamic vision, George and the team carry my project in the most professional of ways! Chilli Out thanks them for their devotion and recommend their multiple services. Jean-Baptiste Saraiva founder of Chilliout.net…- February 10, 2013 “

    Jean-Baptiste Saraiva – Founder


  • Action Global Communications

    What ATL & BTL Billboard Bar 360 Marketing Communications Who Heineken is the Number 1 Brewer in Europe. And the Number 2 Brewer globally. The company operates in over 70 markets and has a portfolio of over 300 beers and ciders Why Because it was…
  • Heineken

    What ATL & BTL Billboard Bar 360 Marketing Communications Who Heineken is the Number 1 Brewer in Europe. And the Number 2 Brewer globally. The company operates in over 70 markets and has a portfolio of over 300 beers and ciders Why Because it was…
  • Transparency International

    What Digital Communication Marketing and Social Media Exposure of international anti-corruption conference Who Transparency International (TI) prevents and fights corruption. They operate in more than 100 countries with the international secretaria…
  • European Training Foundation

    What … Who Live and learn is the magazine created by European Training Foundation. ETF is the centre of expertise and a catalyst for reforming education, training and labour market systems in developing and transition countries bordering Europe…
  • Loginpost

    What Full production of scenario and voiceover for a promotional video of the company Who Loginpost offer a new way to provide postal services, taking advantage of self service technologies Traditional logistics schemes used by post offices and logi…
  • Zagorka

    What Outreach, awareness, public relations campaign with BBC acclaimed artist Ivo Papazov at the National Radio. Who Zagorka is a Bulgarian beer brand and since 1994 is owned by Heineken. Why Because we wanted to meet the artist responsible for bring…
  • European Commission

    What … Who The European Commission is the EU’s politically independent executive arm. It is alone responsible for drawing up proposals for new European legislation, and it implements the decisions of the European Parliament and the Counci…
  • The World Bank

    What … Who The World Bank, with 189 member countries, is an international financial institution that provides loans to finance projects and works to reduce poverty and to create prosperity in developing countries. The World Bank offers financia…
  • Communication Director Magazine

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  • Centre International de Formation Européene

    What … Who The Centre International de Formation Européenne (CIFE) is a private institute of higher education and research. It is one of the six designated institutions receiving special funding from the European Union in the framework of the …
  • Telia

    Ut commodo, libero quis ultricies tincidunt, neque diam porta augue, sit amet sollicitudin magna dolor in nisl.
  • Globul Cosmote

    mesogio helped this telecoms provider identify their target audience and suggested better ways to communicate their core offering and key values to their audience.
  • Chilli-Out

    Full scale Belgian Implementation of Strategy & realisation of pan European communications plan 2015-2017
  • Pro Credit Bulgaria

    mesogio delived full PR strategy support to this client by helping them launch a new range of micro-credits for new start-up companies nationwide.
  • Bayer

    Pharmaceuticals are a tricky industry to ensure buy-in for, especially for the kind of product the client had in mind – and for the particular demographics the buy-in had to be ensured for.

    We developed media relations and a visual identity whic…

  • European Institute for Gender Equality

    What … Who The European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) is an autonomous body of the European Union, established to guarantee gender equality, that is a fundamental value of the European Union. EIGE operates within the framework of Europea…


  • Ruby
    Associate Writer
    Originally from Northern Ireland, Ruby is a creative writer and researcher focusing on web content production and development.

    After graduating with a BA Hons in media in Scotland, Ruby moved to the Czech Republic to study a post-grad certificate in filmmaking, specialising in screenwriting.

    She returned to the UK to begin a post as a film and television production assistant.

    She then moved on to teach screenwriting at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, while penning a number of short films for the festival circuit.

    In 2013 Ruby took her writing in a new direction, a journey which has seen her living in Turkey, France, and Bulgaria, as well as giving her experience in writing copy for the corporate and commercial sectors.

  • George
    Founder/Communication Expert
    George is mesogio’s founding partner. He assumes the roles of project lead, creative director and spearheads mesogio’s content production.

    After studying business and languages in the UK, and politics in France, George found his passion in developing creative content with a cause and never looked back.

    He has spent several years working as a journalist, and as media and communications adviser to many a government, international organisation, ngo and business before starting mesogio.

    George speaks, reads and writes English natively, French, Greek, Spanish and a little Bulgarian

  • Ana
    PR & Communication Expert

    The overall specialist in EU communication, Ana has been involved in several field missions aimed at increasing EU awareness.

    Ana is an expert in the design and organisation of international events including multicultural conferences, workshops, congresses and study tours all over the world. Her fortés also lie in the layout and editing of newsletters and corporate magazines.

    With a plethora of experience in some of the most recognised mass media organisations as a journalist, Ana possesses a vibrance, vitality and skills which are second to none in the tech-changing world of comms. An avid connoisseuse of EU procurement and overall project management, she is most at ease with projects entailing the technicalities circa EU admin procedures, calls for proposals, tender drafts, the management of applicants and the drafting of wide-scale methodologies and strategies.

    For the record: Ana is also fluent in Spanish, English and French


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